Rigging is our business

We take it very seriously.

Brutus  was a real stickler about safety and proper installation, and even though we’ve lost him we have not lost his way of doing things.   What was important to him remains extremely important to us.

about the company

Brutus, Inc. is an entertainment rigging company providing riggers, rigging equipment, and supervision.  We cater to the local production companies as well as the national.

what we offer

  • Rigging equipment rentals:  Hoists and truss
  • Rigging Sales:  CM Hoists, TomCat Truss, Rigger equipment
  • Rigging installations
  • CM Certified Hoist Repair Shop

company history

We’ve been in the entertainment industry since the early 70’s and worn many hats.  From lighting design and direction to production/tour management to what we have chosen to stay with which is now rigging.   Since we’ve seen every end of this business we feel it only makes us a better company.  We are there to make sure everyone is taken care of as being the rigging company on shows we are first in and last out of all shows.


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