Rigging is our business

We take it very seriously.

Safety is important to us.  We take every precaution available to make sure that your show experiences no incident due to improper rigging.

who we are

Brutus, Inc. is an entertainment rigging company providing riggers, rigging equipment, and supervision.  We cater to the local production companies as well as the national.

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what we do

  • Rigging equipment rentals:  Hoists and truss
  • Rigging Sales:  CM Hoists, TomCat Truss, Rigger equipment
  • Rigging installations
  • CM Certified Hoist Repair Shop

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what clients say

We have used Brutus Inc. for many years. They have safe and proven rigging practices and only use qualified technicians. It is important to us to maintain a perfect record with no injuries. If we need to hang anything we always call Brutus Inc. they consistently provide the best and safest solutions for getting the job done. - Allied Productions & Sales

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